Illusionist is a Novomatic slot built on the theme of sorcery in which you can make a dove appear, pull a rabbit out of the hat or… win the jackpot. Here you will play Illusionist for free and know all the magical secrets of this slot.

Illusionist Symbols, Graphics, Sounds and Animations


If we start with the RTP, which in our view is the most critical figure of a slot, this game has 95 percent. Make no mistake, it is a low number and nothing would have happened unless they would have stretched a bit further, reducing their margin. But because we can not change it, whether you conform or you don’t play, there is no more.

The game takes place on the basis of five reels, three heights and ten pay lines.


The joker, which is a pair of gloves with fairy stars flying out of them, also serves as a scatter.Therefore, it replaces all the symbols and if it happens three times on reels one and five, it joins the game bonus.

In this extra, all wilds on reels one and five stay throughout the 15 free spins that last. That is, all reels have wilds in both positions.

On Illusionist, a common bonus feature offers free spins and special games.


This slot is quite classic, apart from the grace of the objects that are connected to the realm of magic: doves, rabbits in a hat, gloves, and the magician’s portrait.

What exactly do we expect when we say “classical”? In this context, we’ll just see a red curtain, as in any stereotypical theatre, and the sound effects will be limited to those used by Novomatic in their slot machines: A trance echo that sounds like slot machines in a nightclub.


The wizard, or rather, the illusionist, is the highest-paying icon. If it happens five times, the bet will be multiplied by 5000 times. The remaining awards have been significantly diminished. The bet is multiplied by 500 for five pigeons and 250 for five rabbits in the hat.

The bonus rounds, predictably, have the most promise. Not because there are multipliers, which there aren’t, but because the chances of winning increase dramatically because there are two full reels of wild symbols.

When you earn a reward, you will still bet it at a 50% chance.You will double the money if you correctly guess the colour of a card.


Illusionist provides us with more than enough to play for free: It has a nice theme and a simple interface, but be cautious.

For more important matters, we believe that RTP does not warrant playing a slot machine that has been around for a long time. There are also other titles in our collection, some of which have awesome plots and stories.